About us

Adesiviamo was founded in 2011 from the minds of three Italian professionals in the web and design. The formula & egrave; was from the outset to offer products of high quality & agrave; to allow customers to personalize in a simple and economic environments and everyday objects. Cos & igrave; born original prints, ironic or "inspired" the stickers of Adesiviamo. Super-thin and removable, these products give a unique capacity to Macbook and iPad, the walls of the home, offices and shops, or even, for cars and motorcycles.

The assortment of designs available in the catalog & egrave; updated weekly to interpret fashions and trends and the quality & agrave; Service & egrave; guaranteed by the phase of the order, the choice of materials and design, through to delivery of each product.

Thin films of adhesive draw shapes and colors that give free rein to the imagination.